Sunday Voyeurism:

So I needed something to post today and in my usual lazy Sunday fashion I never left the house. I know I’m a heathen, a Philistine and a Hittite. As I gazed out of the upstairs gallery of windows I noticed many things going on in the outside world that looked interesting enough to photograph and share with you.

A close up of the spider webs that seem to be proliferating lately. I think a spider even bit me on the knuckle and now the skin is starting to evaporate. A brown recluse...flesh eating spider venom? It hurts as I type this and my mind is a little foggy...the light...the light is growing dim...and I’m sweating...developing a fever...“Am I gonna die I gonna die?”

Now this ladies, this is how you dress for church! When did everyone start wearing sweat pants to church? What happened to dressing up for church? What happened to going to church? I don’t know. I was busy having breakfast in bed wearing sweat pants and watching church.

Why do people ride stupid looking bikes like this? What’s wrong with good old fashioned regular ordinary stupid looking bikes. Honestly people think up the dumbest shit.

It can’t be good for you. And if you are going to parade around the neighborhood riding a stupid looking bike at least have the courtesy for the unfortunate onlookers to know how to ride the damn thing.

When all else fails just look stupid pushing the stupid looking bike that you are to stupid to figure out how to ride!

One more thing, the mushroom fairies have returned. This time they have spawned all over my pecan trees. I hope this doesn’t affect my nut harvest. That is if I have any nut harvest after the squirrels have their fill. Damn squirrels. Damn mushroom fairies. Damn MJ if she has some clever remark about the phrase, "nut harvest".


  1. one must always protect one's nuts from those infernal fungi.

  2. I never left the house on Sunday either as I had a throat infection.

    Doing nothing is bliss.

    Alas, unlike you I was too lazy to snap a few photos.

    I’m very sorry to hear that fairies have been interfering with your nuts.

  3. Great photos! I'm not sure when people stopped dressing for church. I think the same thing when I'm in Vegas. People looking like they just got out of the pool arrive at the shows. Tacky.

  4. I love how she's matched her hat to her car. That's class.

  5. I've actually mandated that all my lady friends wear Baptist church women big hats to my future memorial service.

    And God knows what the females will wear...