Holiday Gift Ideas:

Strangers often come up to me and comment, “You smell!”

To which I reply, “Thank you for noticing, I’ve worked hard to create this odor just for you.”

Endless hours have been spent in my greenhouses blending rare exotic flowers and botanical extracts, herbs and spices to create this smell and now I have made it available for you.

Many trials and errors have resulted in my signature fragrance. A delicate combination that includes a dash of musty old boy scout tents, a hint of camp fire, with a top note of deer piss and of course Forever Poodle™ essence.


Bubba’s Stink Purty Manly Cologne

Available exclusively at KMART and my Online Parfum Emporium. A holiday bargain at only $100.00 an ounce. Order yours today.


  1. I can't wait to spray it all over me!

  2. includes a dash of musty old boy scout tents

    And a dash of musty old boy scouts, we would imagine.

  3. Does it work as a deer lure? You'll triple your sales.

  4. Jason, Miss J realizes a good man is hard to find but- deer?

  5. Can I spray this near my special place? I need a boyfriend for Christmas real bad...

  6. I'd prefer you to smell of spunk.

  7. Erm...

    Why can't we comment with our own (non-blogger) blogs?

  8. Piggy said, Erm...Why can't we comment with our own (non-blogger) blogs?

    Because Ayem8y’s blog is trying to reject you, like it would a bad donor organ.

    You’ve contaminated his blog by commenting here and now he’ll have to call in the fumigators.

    *sprays Febreze and reaches for HazMat suit*

  9. Carmen my maid had brought the morning post up to my room on a silver tray. I'm nursing a cold. Thank you Ayem8y for my wonderful free sample of Bubba. Immediately after opening the perfume Vial Sample, I briefly blacked out, I tried to lift my head from the pillow, but I was getting rhythmic pulsating throbs, as if a butcher was forcing sausage meat behind my eyes. When my brain caught up with my eyes, I was in a kaleidoscope. There was an increasing pressure in my head, culminating in an explosion of hot light behind one eye. I was getting the heady aroma of hippopotamus's tongue mixed with Suez canal water, I began to sweat like a cheese sandwich wrapped in cling film, and there was a strong bouquet of taxi driver's armpit stuck in a traffic jam in there too.

    Well worth $100.00 an ounce, it's cheeky, unpretentious and the ideal accompaniment to a few tentative sips from a cup of lemsip. Very good value ****

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