Random Roundup:

While randomly driving around town, the most random things pop into my head.


Concerning the H1N1.01 Virus – The Center for Disease Control
has advised everyone to, “RUN, RUN, RUN, FOR YOUR LIVES!”

Jay Sebring vs. Jean Seberg - I can never keep them straight.

Jay Sebring was a Hollywood hairdresser and unfortunate friend of Sharon Tate’s who was murdered by the Manson family.

Jean Seberg was a Hollywood movie star that passed-herself-on, in a car with barbiturates down an alleyway in Paris.

It is Not a good idea to sneak-up on someone and yell, “Surprise” while they are shaving.

Wondering about that cute little boy (Christopher Pettiet)and how handsome he must be today, that was in Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead, well it turns out he's dead.

It hurts to sneeze while pissing.

Malone's State Fair Taffy is addictive, fattening, and pulls out your fillings.

Do not feed blog trolls.

How do you select make-up for your particular face? I found this infomercial to be helpful.

Vincent Price was down right extra creepy.

Don’t believe me?

Lets have a listen in shall we…and remember if you leave the music player on you’ll hear my entire Halloween play list for 2009 so far.


  1. I'm putting on my dangling earrings, every bracelet I own....tossing about some sari fabric and looking for a nice tasty boy right now, in fact.

  2. Speaking of Jay Sebring, I cheered last month when Susan Atkins died.

  3. I think about porn when I'm driving. Most of the rest of time, too, in fact.

  4. "Fame! I'm going to live forever!" or did she. Back in the 80's Irene Cara told the world she was "going to live forever" Yesterday whilst out in the car I was thinking about Irene Cara and her bid for immortality. Well, according to her website Irene Cara still shows no signs of dying just yet.

  5. Jay Sebrig. Cute little f*cker. There's a photo out there in cyberland of him and Sharon just days before their tragic end; she's lovely and glowing and very pregnant in a bikini, while Jay is smuggling large plums in his speedo.

    Even when the story is a sad one about violent, senseless death, I somehow manage to find a way to work weenis into the details.

  6. Did you know that Vincent and his wife actually did really write a cookbook? It's actually utterly serious and boring!