Murder is Fun:

One last thing before I trot off to New Orleans for a fabulous weekend of Voodoo and Halloween bar hopping, a little movie. A little incomplete unfinished movie. A horror movie that I began making some twenty years ago. A lonely abused boy (Edgar) finds a magic possessed ring that instantly makes him kill his mother (me). Watch for the marvelous Marcia Brady triptych on the wall above the bed. Remember this was 1988 before the famous Marcia, Marcia, Marcia phrase was ubiquitous. Also remember this was college days and my house was wrecked from making this bloody movie.


Happy Halloween Ever’body


  1. Is this some sort of fiendish Hallowe'en prank?

    There's a blank white space where a movie should be.

  2. Is it not showing up? It's showing up on my computer. Oh well I'm out the door for New Orleans and my Ring Master costume.

    Happy Halloween MJ

  3. Anybody else not able to see this clip or is it just me?

    Have a great time in New Orleans!

    I'll miss you.

  4. No joy with the film it's just a blank screen and I've come all dressed up for the occasion too.

    Happy Halloween Ayem8y and give my love to the Witch Queen of New Orleans whoever she is.

  5. Hey everybody!

    While he’s away, let’s go through his underwear drawer and see if he’s taken his butt bra with him!

  6. Does anybody know where he keeps his liquor?

  7. Miss J admits to being quite jealous of the Pirate's Halloween plans...

  8. Damn AUstralia failing miserably at Halloween.