The Most Boring Blog in the World:

Reading along catching up on the blogs, my we have been a bunch of dullards lately. I myself have been absolutely mired with anxiety and anguish. No need for medication. A nice little panic attack followed by dread then a wave of self hatred washes over and finally an introspective conversation talks me back off the window ledge and back to normalcy. Repeat every ten seconds.

Looking for an inspiration for a post as I have The Most Boring Blog in the World, so I stole the 12 on 12 meme from Michael River’s blog, plus I copied him a little. The idea is to take 12 pictures and post them on the 12th day of the month.

Here we go:

1. Woke up and removed my sleeping mask.

2. Turned to the right and realized that it was Columbus day. Then went back to sleep.

3. Finally woke up and made up the bed.

4. Put my hair on.

5. Had breakfast.

6. Petted my dog, 2-Pack

7. Put my smalls on the fence to dry.

8. Did some gardening.

9. Realized the underpants gnomes were stealing my underpants again.

10. Had lunch.

11. Got out the black-ball machine and black-balled five of my friends.

12. Had dinner.

The End


  1. What a great day you had!! I'm thrilled I provided some inspiration!!

  2. Thank you Michael. Your's looked fun as well, so much so that I practically copied it.

    *Places white ball in the black-ball machine when Michael's name is called*

  3. I suspect you also have a pair of underpants that say "Home of the Whopper".

  4. Your 2 Pack's gotten so big and cute!

    (you can't imagine how often I've said that.

  5. I'm intrigued, what's the black- ball machine used for? Do I spy a goldfish bowl full of match boxes? I'm quite fond of a liquid lunch too.

  6. MJ, Please have a Home of the Whopper T-Shirt made up for me post-haste!

    Jason, 2-Pack IS getting so big isn’t he? And he’s the cutest little snuggle buddy ever.

    Mitzi, The black-ball machine is a marvelous device. You pass the little box around when voting on whether to admit someone into a club or voting on a subject that needs to be anonymous. You take the little handle and on the back side is an opening with white (yes) or black (no) marbles. There is little slot that you drop your choice into. When the voting is complete, the little drawer in the front is opened revealing the white or black marbles and the score is then tallied as to whether you are in or your out.

    You are correct in that is a fish bowl full of matches...I have several (no kidding) trunks full of them...I collect them. From all over the world...Smokers are dying off and people put their match collections up for sale on EBAY for mere pennies.

    I shall be imbibing on liquid lunch today as a matter of fact.

    *White marbles for Jason, Mj, and Mitzi*

  7. This post was most entertaining and inspiring!

    Lurve the gardening shot!

  8. The black ball machine is so cool.

  9. I'm sooooooo glad you joined in. Your bedding is gorgeous...but your pup is adorable.