Handy Halloween Costume Ideas:

Ring Ring:

“Psychic Halloween Costume Crisis Hotline...blah...blah...blah...yeah...yeah...yeah.”

“Hi my name is Joe to Hell and I am a recovering costumeaholic and I need some help too. I know I know - even I have dry spells. I have exhausted the best costumes and being Susan Boyle is not that exciting....“

Oh but Joe it is exciting! A very exciting time to be Susan Boyle, why just think that this time last year it probably was not very exciting at all to be Susan Boyle. NOT AT ALL! But why be the average Susan Boyle when you can be Susan Boyle as a ZOMBIE.

Just enough time for me to give you a quick crummy costume reading before I head out the door to glamorous New Orleans for the Halloween weekend where I shall be a the most dashing Ring Master one has ever seen.

Joe are you still clean shaven this year? I do hope so as that seems to be the LOOK for you and I predict that all of my predictions will be bald ones.

First let me get in the trancey mood. “Miss Hightower can you bring me that sheet of LSD tabs? Please?”

That’s better, ohm, ohm, ohm...I think I’m beginning to see something. Yes definitely something divine. I’m getting the most divine image at the moment. Yes I think this is divine inspiration. I think you should be the drag queen Divine.

Just glue a little wiglet to the middle of your head and voila, you shall be DIVINE but why stop there when you can be Divine as a ZOMBIE.

Ohm, ohm, ohm...It’s coming, it’s coming, it’s clear, no wait it’s clean. Mr. Clean. But why be an ordinary Mr. Clean when you can be Mr. Clean-but-Dirty. Like Nasty. Get my drift? Or Mr. Clean as a ZOMBIE.

Ooh I’m starting to see something, yes it seems to be Yul Brynner from the King and I. No it’s Yul from West World the psycho robot killing machine. Hey why not be Yul as a psycho robot killing machine ZOMBIE.

Can’t trip much longer now, my acid is wearing off...I’m peaking...I’m peeking. Here it comes, The Emperor Ming. Ding Ding Ding.

I think we have a winner.

If that Emperor Ming doesn’t grab ya then there is always the other Emperor Ming.

One last prediction, why not go as your favorite Scoobie Doo Monster? Just print them out, cut and paste.

Or this famous Scoobie Doo, Scoobie Voodoo...

Good Luck Joe I know you will come up with something awesome.

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