And After All it is After All, All About Me:

Terribly lax in blogging and posting duties as of late. All of you thousands and thousands of faithful readers must have been incredibly lost without the witty razor sharp insights to life’s little secrets. Too bad, there are none. Trying very hard to construct sentences without the use of, I, or Me, is well, too hard. Too bad, it’s all about I, I, I, and Me, Me, Me. Now that we’ve dispensed with the pleasantries, let’s get back to Me.

I think it high time that We get back to what is really important around here and something that I almost haven’t had the inspiration and that being the all important, All Hallows Eve. Really I haven’t a clue what I am going to be wearing. What’s worse I haven’t a single I-dea. More importantly I haven’t a clue where I will be going with My friends, of which I actually have None.

I am thinking that I will be The Invisible Man, wrapped up in gauze from head to toe. I can wear My smoking jacket, My fedora, My huge Italian sunglasses, and My white gloves. Of course the secret to making the ‘whole thing’ work is that I will be completely insane and insist that I truly Am invisible and do things like make a glass of wine seemingly float across the room by My invisible hands.

I suppose I could always be Lady the Invisible Man...the Invisible GaGa as it were.

So as to get ‘This Party Started’ I would like to begin with My Halloween Playlist for 2009. Please feel free to ‘download’ the various tunes that I have carefully chosen to create what I feel will be a sufficiently creepy atmosphere.

Chapter One:

Oh yes and one more thing, I have included this ‘video’ for Halloween inspiration for Mitzi who said, “They really don’t celebrate Halloween” over in jolly ye old England. Too bad as I think that Bonnie Tyler would serve as the perfect ‘well’ of costumery. I can see Her now singing into Her hairbrush in Her boudoir window looking down upon Her adoring fan-base in the garden below that consists of Her Mother smoking a fag while taking laundry off the line.

In the coming days leading to All Hallows Eve, I shall endeavor to conjure costume I-deas for anyone who want's them.


  1. Friends of mine (see, I can't do it either) keep insisting that I join them in their costumery....they keep gleefully bandying around ideas like "Star Wars" or "Harry Potter"
    I need new friends.

  2. i'm burned out on halloween festivities. i did all that when i was younger( and so was my liver). i used to bar hop and go to parties,but now my liver thanks me ever so....

  3. This year i think i'll finally break down and just go as my mother.

  4. Mistress MJ wishes to see you in satin opera gloves.

    And nothing else.

  5. Thank you for my video Ayem8y, I do like the literal version much better. How about some longed stemmed opera glasses to go with those satin gloves, which you could peer down your nose at passing unsavouries.