Even though I’m still away doing unspeakable things to derelicts for a quick two bits, I haven’t forgotten you people. In an effort to class up the joint the decision was made to bore you to death with a selection from my favorite 1980’s new wave opera movie, DIVA. Movie’s are a simple easy way to introduce culture to the uncouth and share the most wonderful aria, Ebben? Ne andrò lontana from Alfredo Catalani's opera La Wally, as warbled by Wilhelmenia Wiggins Fernandez.


  1. Speaking of classing up the joint, isn’t it high time you raised your rates?

    You’re worth it, girl!

    Or so we’ve heard.

  2. "Speaking of classing up the joint, isn’t it high time you raised your rates?"

    I was thinking of accepting wooden nickles or Confederate dollars, but on second thought maybe going up to three bits would improve the clientele but drastically cut down on the quantity.

    "You’re worth it, girl!"

    Listen this business not a L'Oréal commercial.

  3. Dig the Euro-trash audience in their sunglasses - too cool! Are they on the Board of Directors for Fabulon?

  4. I loved this movie as a kid. Miss-Ross-to-You was supposed to remake it in the 1990's, which would have been all kinds of wonky/bad/fabulous.

  5. When are you coming back?

    I miss you, my little starfruit.

  6. Far too highbrow for a philistine like me.