Mean Dirty Pirate's Movie of the Week: Scene 4.



  1. I don't know anyone who looks good in yellow.

    Is that Thurston Howell the third?

  2. I disagree Mistress, I happen to look quite feltching in my yellow apron.

    Yes Lovey, indeed that is Thurston Howell the third. Along with Erik Estrada as a doctor in the gallery, and Gopher from Love Boat and Annette O’Toole, this movie is chock full of future stars.

  3. Oh good LORD...I remember this! Doesn't Stockard come back and kill those folks who laughed at her?!

    Or maybe I'm confusing this with something similar...

  4. Yellow, only for those with Mediterranean skin tones, so make sure you have some Italian or Spainsh in you before you go wasting your money on expensive clothes. If you've have yellow teeth and a brown arsehole you've got it made cause brown is the ideal colour to go with yellow. Brown is a bit dull isn't it? But then maybe that's a reflection on the wearer's personality!