Mean Dirty Pirate's Movie of the Week: Scene 3.


  1. I can't wait for tomorrow's instalment.

  2. I bet YOU'VE never been tossed out like so much used Kleenex at the truck stop.

  3. Ok, so tonight on RetroTV HD Channel 47-4 we were watching my favorite tv show from the '80's...THE A TEAM!

    Anyway, I watch because Dirk Benedict is such a yummy hunk o' manhood, but tonight one of the special guest stars was none other than Sam J. Jones! He was playing an Amish guy & Dirk Benedict was helping him build a house! I so wanted them to take their shirts off & chop some wood..and...uh...huh.huuh..huh..uh...

    Anyway, tonight we interrupt this broadcast to bring you....well..go' know you want to...

  4. Mitzi-It is exciting and I had you in mind when choosing this flick.

    MJ-I have never been tossed out, but rather I have been flung and thrown out of moving truck cabs!

    Viva-Thank you for the morning woody provided by the lovely and less than talented Sam Jones.