This Labor Day weekend was a blur, an absolute blur. Dressing Drinks accompanied the hotel version of Panic Disco where every outfit in the steamer trunk was modeled until just the right ensemble was decided. Arriving in the nick of time for Love is in the Air at Cafe LaFitte’s in Exile followed by a late supper at La Peniche then more La cocktails and La sex.

The next day was up early for a bagel and green tea followed by a brisk hour walk around the entire quarter. Then the drinking began. Dressing Drinks, more Panic Disco then off to the tubs, um clubs, where yours truly paraded around practically shirtless and fending off loathsome advances from the bears then waltzing around in the streets with my Nubian nipples to the wind followed by supper at the Moanin’ Lisa. A huge honkin’ Disco nap then off to tease the masses once again. Then sex.

Did I tell you?

It was rumored that Farrah was in town. Apparently she’s not dead after all but has merely joined the club of fake dead celebrities like Elvis, Marilyn and Andy Warhol.

It was rumored that she was staying at the Motor Hotel Le Richelieu.

These exclusive photo’s obtained from the Star prove it.

Farrah arrives

Farrah checks in

Farrah takes in the view from her suite

Farrah takes nap

Farrah freshens up

Farrah bribes housekeeper not to divulge her secret location


  1. Sounds and looks fun! Love the ass on the dancer! Yumm.

    Also--the Farrah photos--hilarious!

  2. well, I'll be durned!
    I had no idea, you little scamp, you!

    I wonder if that was your bottom I pinched?

    Farrah looks like she needs a blowout....but then don't we all?

  3. Thank you Michael wish you could have been there : )

    I know Jason I left in such a hurry that I didn’t have time to contact you. Would have been nice to have met you for a drink or lunch or some other sort of rendezvous. Tried to get in to the Country Club but it was a closed deal and $25.00 just to get in the door.

    Someone did pinch my ass at Good Friends...I didn’t see who it was...they were all pinching my ass.

    Farrah was a little under the humidity and I couldn’t afford the beauty services of José Eber so Farrah stayed in the room and pouted.

  4. It looks like you and Farah had a wonderful time. I had my bum pinched in Southampton I turned around and it was some 65 year old farmer with one tooth. "Not for all the tea in China love" I said as I passed him by.

  5. Mitzi, “ALL” the tea in China? Sometimes we must make sacrifices for the things we need. Just a crate or two, forget it, but for “ALL” the tea in China? I would have pulled his one tooth and made him give me a gum job then taken the tea deeds and ran for it.

  6. Hey...who's that underneath the covers with Farrah? Of course she ordered champagne via room service! Looks like a great time for all!

  7. Yes Viva a good time was had by Farrah at least, running up the bill ordering room service and magnums of champagne. I would hope the person under the covers with Farrah is a bellhop and not Ryan O‘Neal.

  8. Eeek! In that last picture it looks like someone's trying to strangle poor Farah! 80s super heros to the rescue!

  9. Farrah bribes housekeeper not to divulge her secret location

    Or her Secret Lady Place?

  10. LURVE the Farrah snaps! I just KNEW she was still alive!!

    VERY creative...

    But what's this 'sex' you speak of; I can't seem to recall that notion...

  11. Christ almighty. Miss J's about to pee herself!!!

  12. What a fabulous time darling. Did they ask you to get off the bar before you put your pants back on or the other way around?

  13. The first time I heard that song in a club in Houston, I grabbed a hand full of napkins and tossed them in the air, I promptly got tossed out. I didn't know they didn't do that everywhere. Absolutely no sense of humor around here. I miss that city!!!