Take Notes:

I’m going out tonight to the GAY bar and drink gallons of liquor and vivaciously flirt around the room with everyone's husbands. Spit caustic conversations at tables with a darting tongue like a pit viper. Puff on a cheroot and exhale smoke that curls up my face framing my evil. Crack bottles over the bar then wave my hand in dramatic gestures and put it on my hip indignantly at precisely the right moment for emphasis and ooze drama and glamour and slap people down.

This is how it’s done ladies. These young twinky queens just don’t have my touch. Don’t make me steal your boyfriend.


  1. Oh...so that WAS you!

    I heard Florida has an abundance of abandoned pythons rapidly overtaking the everglades & destroying everything in their path!

  2. The maribou will be flying!

    Stepping back in awe.

  3. Just in case y'all ever git to Vegas...


    I've never been there ('cause I'm a girl) but it looks like fun & I love their internet radio!

    Shake yer boo-tay!

  4. Drunk ish ... no scratch that. drunk .. but will come back tomorrow.

  5. It’s just all foggy today. Somehow I must have phased into my alternate personality, Maribou Jenkins. My mouth hurts from spitting tacks. I hate it when she does that. There’s one less python in the everglades today as Maribou has been banished to the basement of my brain.

    MJ I feel ya but right now I need to get back to the soothing sounds of my blue moon internet radio.

  6. I want to see! I want to see!