I'm heading downtown for the big 450th anniversary of the founding of Pensacola as a settlement. The town really looks so young that you'd swear it's not a day over 400.

Totally unrelated but this song has been going through my head all day long as it should be. I can't get enough of Teena Marie, and it's about time she cranked out some new shit.

Love Her.


  1. I was thinking of Tina Charles, I wonder what happened to her.

  2. Will there be scuppernong wine?

  3. I love Teena, of course.....but I love Faith almost as much.

    In unrelated gossip: Teena once hit on my (lesbian) friend.
    I'm still mad at her for not taking her up on that.

  4. Mitzi I too was wondering as I so often do, Who the Hell is Tina Charles?

    MJ I’m drunk on scuppernong wine as I busily type this reply.

    Jason I’m such a huge fan of Teena Marie that I would even sleep with her. Just so that I could gossip about it later. It’s strange that she’s a sometime Lesbian and sometime partaker in the black penis.