Those 2 Bionic Angels:

Farrah made me do it!

The sad passing of Farrah stirred a renewed interest in my lost films. When I say lost, I mean in the attic. Boxes of video tapes from 25 years ago languishing and some growing a visible moldy film on the edges of the tape. I haven’t owned a VCR in ten years. People ask me all of the time, “When are you going to transfer those old movies to DVD?” My standard reply, “I’ll get around to it one day...Mom.”

Inspired by Farrah, Monday I set out for the Loaves & Fishes Thrift Store and purchased a used four head Hi-Fi VCR for $14.99. I immediately screened Those 2 Bionic Angels and set about restoring it as best I could. The color is faded, the quality is less than original but the magic, the magic is still there.

Remember this was back in the day of video cassette technology. Editing consisted of two tape decks a turntable and a microphone, also very experimental of its time were graphics generated by the very powerful Apple II computer. I know, I know, way ahead of my time. This was 1985.

Yes we were kids and we mostly made up the dialog as we went along but there is a certain charm about it. It’s the period I think that makes it so awesomely bad that it’s good plus the acting. I just got tired of them replacing that third angel so I X’d her out permanently. I also made the two remaining angels be bionic for no particular reason other than for fun and it was all the rage to be bionic at the time.

It's an ambitious length of 23:39 so watch at your leisure and without any further fanfare (stick with it you won't regret it) I present the newly restored 1985 classic, Those 2 Bionic Angels starring my cousin her friend and myself with deleted scenes brought to you by L’Oreal, my version of the Andie MacDowell hawking L’Oreal cosmetics commercial that once played every other effin’ incessant minute.

Feel free to enlarge for that big screen experience.


  1. OMG - I am totally peeing myself right now.

    Please, please, please tell me you were the drag queen and I can die a happy man.

  2. Oh it's so wonderful to see this again. I can't tell you!

    I remember watching it every Wednesday at 8, (in syndication.)
    My "Those Two Bionic Angels" lunchbox had a picture of the wine drinking lounge singer with the great gams on the backside. I miss it so.

  3. DuPree-I’m no drag queen! I’m a headliner at the Watergate Beer Garden. And yes it’s may now die a happy man.

    Jason-Hang on to the lunch box. When that lounge singer dies the lunchbox is going to go up in value. Oh and bring an extra Bosley and some guns with you when you come over to play Bionic Barbie’s tonight.

  4. I miss the good ole days!
    Last week they showed Desperately Seeking Susan on cable tv, and I sooooo desperately wished it was 1985 again, and I was so sad at how much the world has changed ( and not for the better, either!)

    Aw well...back to my cane & nursing home, you young whippersnappers!

  5. No joy, it's not letting me view it.

  6. Impressive! How many times did you have to say "10 day chip free formula" before you got it right? I think I just experienced an acid flash back. Maybe it was just an 80s flash back. maybe they're one in the same.

  7. Miss J has long suspected The Pirate is a genius. Now she sees it is true.

  8. ha ha!!! i just wet myself:-)