So earlier in the week I put my foot in my mouth and commented to Mr. Peenee that he sort of had a John Lithgow thing going on.

I rest my case.

I prefer the word “remindful” as in, “You are very remindful of John Lithgow” another approach if one dares to compare two beings is to respect the one you are speaking to, “You know John Lithgow kind of favors YOU.”

I’m sorry Peenee if I offended you.


  1. I *love* Lithgow, but he can never hold a candle to Peenee.

    And by the way, you should never hold a candle to peenee anyway.
    It hurts.

  2. Darling, I'm not offended in the least. I'm just worried about your eyesight. You know, they say it's the one of the first thing to go, right after your mind

  3. Well, obv the mind is halfway gone, but the eyes still seem fact, it's in the eyes where Peenee and Lithgow are so close in resemblance. Of course, Lithgow can't hold a candle to Peenee's supple skin and elegant bone structure.