It's Time To Play,

So in my ongoing effort to apologize to Mr.Peenee but not to get back in his good graces of which I never was, The winner of the “Name That Puppy” contest goes to Mr. Peenee for his clever name 2-Pack!

2-Pack is so cute. He’s smart very smart just like his God Father Peenee. He’s house broken but that’s thanks to my little helper Shareeka who bosses him around and has made him her own puppy. Really I haven’t done a thing, Shareeka did it all. He answers to 2-Pack or 2-2 or Pack or Pack Pack.

Peenee wins an all expenses paid coupon to the glamorous resort of Tucson Arizona.

Also a special holiday vacation ‘clipping’ to the Romantic Isle of ocean charm, Atlantic City with it's mild and inviting VITOZONE climate. Is Atlantic City still there? Is it still Romantic? Only Peenee will know.

Bonus gifts include an assortment of 15 Doris Bryant Cat Calling Cards and a Howes Bird Attractor for his cat Saki. Doris does amazing likenesses of cats and the Howes Bird Attractor will provide hours of entertainment for Saki.

I always say If my birds are fed then so are my cats...

Thanks to everyone who played along, I auditioned each and every name that was submitted. 2-Pack was clearly the winner and the only one he responded to. Everyone who participated will receive a Canewood Farm Ham. Except for DuPree who knows what he's getting...


  1. 2 Pack there is just about the cutest dog in the world.
    I can't even stand it!

  2. Sweetie, sweetie, sweetie, imagine me clapping my little hands in glee. I'l be sure to send postcards.

    And even without 2 Pack, you're so deep in my good graces, you need a periscope to see out.

  3. He reminds me of the type of dog you see in eastern european toy shops that yap constantly and does a back flip.

  4. YAY and thank YOU!

    I need to be alone for a awhile now...

  5. 2 Pack is ADORBS! Nom nom nom