Good choreography never goes out of style:

Everyone says the Eighties are back.

I say NAY.

It’s the Seventies all over again.


  1. Oh God - please, no.

    The 80s were at least funny in retrospect - the 70s were just wrong and sad, even if they were filled with much sexy time.

  2. Teach me to dance like a chicken.

  3. The Seventies? YES. I'm breaking out my Haltson halter top sequin mini skirt even as we speak.

  4. Would someone please tell Mr. Peenee to shave his legs.

  5. Who's bringing the cocaine and the poppers?

  6. Oh god, I wish you were right!

  7. That's Liza with the furry gams, not me.

  8. Fondu sets, teasmaids, afghan coats, men with moustaches bring back the 70s

  9. DuPree - I envisioned it long ago that if Obama were to be elected it would probably feel like the Carter administration . So it’s the Seventies all over again. Interestingly enough we the Gay folk are still fighting for equality.

    I’m a Gay Libber Damn’it!

    MJ - that particular dance is fueled by cocaine and poppers.

    Peenee - I once worked for Sears as a visual merchandiser where they sold the remains of the Halston label, it was sad and I remember thinking that he must be turning over in his grave.

    Oh and Peenee Mistress would like for you to shave your legs when you wear Liza’s sequin Halston halter-mini, not me though furry legs in a Halston halter-mini turns me on.

    Elizabeth - Well, Well, Well, Elizabeth the choreographer showed up with some cocaine and poppers. *Sniff, Sniff* Now lets get down to work and strip MJ of her essence and find the chicken dance inside...Take it from the top...5...6...7...8...

    Jason - I could deal with another dose of the Seventies but very briefly and then the 21st century will begin and we will never look back from our flying cars and rehash previous decades to death. A fond reference here or a clever nod there suits me just fine. Small doses...

    Peenee - I would imagine your legs to be silky smooth naturally but Liza on the other hand must be like an ape.

    Mitzi - A good moustache ride is hard to find these days but fondu is a favorite usually while wearing my afghan coat and enjoying teasmaids. Whatever they are?

  10. Did Sears suck your soul?

    I wandered into one last week and took offense at their fashion choices.

    Although not without sprizting myself first from the perfume counter before leaving.

  11. Peenee seems to have missed along the bikini line.