I was tagged recently with the Honest meme by Ray Ray The Messy American awhile ago and I Honestly haven’t had the time to sit down and form an Honest answer since I tend to make everything up and in essence lie all the time...Honest...word-up?

1. Honestly, I’ve entered each phase of my life with little to no adjustment or transition. Not my 40’s. It was like adolescence all over again. I kept waiting to ‘just grow into it’ I no longer feel young but I didn’t feel old either. The pretty began to give way to the handsome, my hairline started to thin more prominently but attractively, I actually have to pursue fitness that was once natural. I shaved my head recently and damn if I aint attractive without hair. My feeling is that the people who retain their hair are the ones who actually need it to pull off their ‘look’. I’m still pretty with or without it. I swear it took ten years off.

2. Honest to goodness I Honestly love the song I Honestly Love You.

3. To be perfectly Honest, I’m perfectly shallow and I’m having a time thinking up ten honest things about myself. In fact I’m downright dishonest, I lie all the time.

4. One time and I swear this is true ‘Honest Abe’ when I was six I was awarded class favorite the highest honor to be bestowed upon one so young. I peaked early and it’s been a downhill slide ever since.

5. In all Honesty, I’m not one to brag and boast of my do gooding but I do support many numerous charities by shopping at all of their thrift stores.

6. One time and I swear this is true ‘Honest to God’ when I was six my mother put me out on the side of the highway. She acted like she was going to pull away but got caught up in the traffic. She was so panicked when she returned wondering what emotional damage she had inflicted? I was just walking along the highway minding my own business.

7. My Mother is a Drag Queen! Honest! She’s the Prettier Holy Roller.

8. One time and I swear this is the ‘God’s Honest Truth’ when I was six I took my wagon and told my Mother that I was going to get the mail. I came back just before five o’clock with an entire neighborhoods worth of mail. She had to dash around frantically shoving just anybodies mail into empty boxes. There was mention of a Federal investigation. No wonder my Mother left me by the highway. Honestly!

9. I wish that I could find a way to get rich and make an Honest living.

10. Secretly I want a man to marry and make an Honest man out of me.


  1. Number 2: I'm honestly with you.

  2. I'm w/you on the #2 too, it's true. Esp when ONJ does the spoken word portion of the lyric...it just brings a heartbreaking poignancy to the song that otherwise wouldn't have been there...like when she actually SAYS "I love you," and doesn't sing it, THAT'S when the dream comes true. Your mom sounds like a real gas. She tried to be hard ass and then she flew into a traffic induced guilt panic. HAHA.