Farrah's World:

Thanks to Laura for being a good sport and having to make up a spontaneous post on short notice. She really is a true Farrah Fawcett Fan as am I and I think we were both possessed by Farrah at impressionable ages. Good work on the news letters Farrah Fawcett Laura and I would like to suggest some future topics such as, “Tidbits and sage advice from Farrah about Suntans, and her movie Sunburn. Also please discuss Farrah’s Fhilosophies regarding the most economical way to rid yourself of an unwanted husband, a Burning Bed, or trap him up in a fireplace? Have Hector the Robot do it? I can’t wait. I wish Laura would just get her own blog already and stop hogging up mine! Just kidding Farrah Fawcett Laura but the Friends of Farrah Fawcett Fan Club need you and I could say something tacky like, “Hurry up and join now before it’s too late”, but I won’t and I already did. Seriously it will be sad to see her pass away. Few people in my lifetime have burst onto the scene and changed the way we looked at hair. This is a serious True Hollywood mortality trip Farrah is sending me on, I mean what kind of world does Farrah Fawcett get sick and die? It makes me want to have my anus inspected by a professional. STAT!


  1. My very own blog...gulp!

    Gee...I dunnno...

    Last time I had my own blog, I got so much hate mail from those crazed fans affiliated with the Cheryl Ladd Fan Club. They were a particularly vicious bunch, primarily because they had connections with the big studios heads at Lifetime Television for Women! (They were the ones who put Betty Broderick on the map - I'm jus' sayin'!)

    I just wanted to say thank you, Mean Dirty Pirate, for publishing the incoherent ramblings of a psychotic mental patient. I've been making some real progress in group this week! Your blog has helped me cope with Farrah's inevitable decline, as I am able to tap into those deeply-buried childhood memories when I was stuck in bumfuck Montana & all I had to get me through my third-grade hell was an impressive collection of Topp's Charlie's Angels Trading Bubblegum Cards.

    As Roddy Piper said in They Live!: "I can here to kick ass & chew bubblegum....and I'm all out of bubblegum!'

    But you can change this slightly to say," I came here to do hair and chew bubblegum...and I have gum stuck in my hair, but I brought my blow dryer!"

  2. There was a huy i used to screw around the corder that had a giant fishbowl filled to the top with farrah heads. Every time we had sex he let me take one until the bowl got low. when i couldn't have any more he stopped detting it from me.