My Big Opening:

I would like to take the time to thank Mistress MJ for selecting my ASS to be featured in her regular editorial entitled, “Filthy Friday” @theinfomaniac. Of course this is a true honor and one that won’t be forgotten soon...wait what was I sayin’...oh yeah my ASS. My ASS has previously only been enjoyed by a population in a small fishing village but has now ‘spread’ across two countries to encompass an entire continent.

Many thanks to Mistress MJ for being such a fun and naughty blogger.


  1. Your spectacular ass is enjoying international recognition as many of my readers are from the UK.

    I’m sure the Queen is viewing it as we speak!

    I feel like I should be selling tickets!

    Thank you for displaying your goods for the world to see and enjoy.

  2.'s a beaut.

  3. Well done, you. And thanks for ending my week on such a lovely note.

  4. i think that ass covers the entire gulf coast and 4 canadian provinces...

  5. Dear Mean Dirty Pirate,

    I'm a little embarr"assed" that you chose to post my private "Daisy Duke" photo for all your readers to see on your blog!

    Our love was special, and I'll always treasure our time's just boyfriend, "Killer" gets out for parole this weekend, and we were going to git new tattoos, and understand.

    We'll always have our drunken memories at the "Rusy Nail"!

    Born to be wild!


  6. How fitting that a Mean, Dirty Pirate should have such a Booty!!!

  7. Once you go ass, you never go back matey! It's a beaut.