Gay Vegas:

The whole gay marriage thing seems to be picking up steam at the oddest moment in time. Strange how Iowa fits into a bunch of gay friendly states, rednecks turn me off and rednecks turn me on it‘s a vicious circle of simultaneous attraction and repulsion happening at the same time with that state.

The thought has occurred about becoming some sort of a Gay Gold digger or a Park Avenue hooker who marries old queens for their money like just before they die and pass on all their stuff like a penthouse and a yacht. That thought only encourages already pre-existing bad tendencies.

Nevada should be the next state to legalize gay marriage. Half the country would be same sex marriage within six months. Either as a joke, legitimate, protest, mistaken identity, legal reasons, medical reasons, etc. So many quick weddings would take place. These marriages would have the same import that previous opposite sex marriages once had.

Then the movie “The Women” creeps into the gay marriage fantasy. Taking up residence at a gay dude ranch in Reno for thirty days to get a gay divorce sounds kind of hot. Dejected previously married gay men with nothing but time and horseback riding to do. Heaven! Then the Scarlet O’Hara spider like already pre-existing bad tendencies looking for prey come back again. It’s a big gay vicious circle.


  1. THAT is a remake I'll be happy to see. Twice.

  2. you've put a lot of thought into this subject. i like that! makes sense...

  3. How interesting!!! The original 'The Women' is still one of my fav classic... Fabulous!

  4. Is that a Pendleton blanket?

  5. ah...such beautiful thoughts....all of them...especially that Scarlet O'Hara spider one.

  6. You say "big gay vicious circle" like it's bad thing. Sounds like a party to me.

  7. I don't recall the name of this artist but he had a very nice exposition in Paris. I think it's still on...

    I like that Bidgood feeling or should it be the other way around?

    Nice blog!

  8. Hello New People!

    First off Shirley, “The Gay Men” movie would be a subject worthy of high quality production values.

    Larry I consider the matter of gay marriage to be a subject worthy of high quality production values.

    LENORENEVERMORE, The original movie has been inspiring me for many years and is one of my favorites as well. Thanks for vis’tin and it’s right pleasurable meeting you Ms. Nevermore.

    MJ, I would like to think it is a true Pendleton blanket completely itchy and coarse to the naked cowboy body. Visits from the Mistress are always welcome. Is it true that to become a member of your blog I need submit a photo of my ass? If so I have an awesome ass!

    Oh I know Jason it’s one of my best features the spider like Scarlet O’Hara one and I often employ it on unsuspecting victims. My Erica Kane is pretty good too.

    Peenee you know that I’m going to have a few spells at the gay dude ranch before I’m done collecting husbands and racking up the dough. It truly will be a “big gay vicious circle” not mine but theirs.

    Fabulastic the artist was George Quaintance and thanks for stopping by and thanks for taking the time to comment.

    Thanks to everyone for reading and commenting. I’ve never said that before but thank you for taking the time out to write a little note. They are unexpected but always appreciated as I sometimes whistle and wait by the mailbox.

  9. As you can see here, it is a rite of passage for male Infomaniac readers to send Mistress MJ a photo of their bare bottom.

    If you are the shy type (unlikely, in your case), you may send a photo for her private collection marked “for the Mistress’s eyes only”.

    You are permitted to comment for a period of time before you actually send the photo but don't keep Mistress MJ waiting too long.