Verbal Disease:

Today’s Assignment:

Use three verbal pet peeves in one coherent sentence.

I'll go first,

"Satistically speaking of course and when referring to it pacifically it is known as the Specific ocean."
Now you try.


  1. Statistics only count when they prove to pacify specific rituals of the hoi polloi. My head hurts.

  2. Their you go again, making people think they're is one correct way to right there grammer correctly.

  3. On tomorrow, I'll do something simular with mines.

  4. Does peoples really talks like that?

  5. I read an interesting statistic that was very specific about the city of Pacific, Missouri.

  6. I used to be a professional proofreader, so my peeves are written ones, e.g.:
    Their you go again, telling me its time to put everything in it's place.

  7. Instead of prevent people say pervent. Just saw a dumbitch say it on cnn.

    On the new ever pure shampoo commercial they don't pronounce it puoor they pronounce it pur, like fer shur - realy fast. So retarded. They say 'pur' something like 15 times.

    "I did good" or how are you?: "good".
    No, you are "well".

    So I'm looking to pervent pur goodness.

  8. Oh, and potentially pronounced puhtenshally.