Today’s Flea Market Treasures:

Looky what I ran across at the Flea this morning. I just love these paintings with muted pinks and greens. They were most popular in the 1950’s - 1960's and the subject matters tend to favor flamingo’s or parrots with palm trees and blossoms, they just say Florida! It’s imperative that you know how to bargain for what you want. This is me in action.

Me - “How much for the cockatoo painting?”

Dealer - “He wants $35.00 for it.”

Me - “Do you think he would take less?”

Dealer - “He’s around here someplace can you hold on a sec.”

Me - “Yea sure.”

Dealer - “It was his Moms and she’s dead now...”

Me - “I see...Tell him I‘ll be back around.”

I just love a challenge. I don’t expect there has been much interest in the painting or anything else on their table. It’s pouring down rain and the patrons have stayed home today. I’m pretty ruthless about a bargain and the Mother story has gone in one ear and out the other leaving me unfazed. I return half an hour later and show interest in the painting and sort of begin to inspect it.

Dealer - “It’s a nice paintin’ aint it?”

Me - “I like the birds...”

Dealer - “It belonged to my Mother an she’s dead”

Me - “Sorry to hear that.”

Dealer - “I’ll take $30.00 fer it.”

Me - “I’m looking for something to hang in my living room, I’m not sure about the size or the frame.”

Dealer - “Yea she had it a long time.”

Me - “I see...would you take any less for it?

Dealer - “Maybe...things has been slow today. Whatcha offerin'?”

Me - “Would you take $15.00?”

Dealer - “Oh man I don’t know...”

Me - “Tell you what I got a few other things I’m looking at so I’ll go and pick those up and let you think about it awhile...I’ll come back if I got any money left.”

Dealer - “Alright.”

I wander off and buy a fish tank piece for $2.00.

It's marked “Occupied Japan” and the dealer was unaware. Quite a deal as it’s easily worth five times that much.


I find a man selling albums for ¢.50 apiece all are in mint condition too. I got Keely,

and Ella,

and a nice Martin Denny”s ‘Quite Village’ with Sandy Warner on the cover, it’s the best copy I’ve ever seen before.

Ah and the cutest little plaid windbreaker from the 1960’s in blues and greens. It’s reversible into a shiny baby blue solid. I immediately think of Mr. Peacock and his fondness for plaid (we share the same fondness) and I plunk down the $2.50 required to own such fine haberdashery. Don’t bargain for something that is already an obvious steal, it’ll just piss off the dealer and the price will go up. I return to my painting about a half an hour later. I walk up and study it some more.

Me - “I’m still not quite sure if it’s the right piece.”

Dealer - “It’s been a real slow day and I need gas money so I guess I’ll take $15.00 fer it.”

Me - “Done.”

I pay the man exactly $15.00. Never bargain for something then hand the person a $20.00 or a $100.00 and have them make change it’s just plain rude. I am NOT a sucker for a hard luck story. I know I’m evil. It’s business and I really wanted this painting but I didn’t want to pay $35.00 dollars for it though. I tucked it under my arm and waltzed off. I’ll keep it around for awhile but eventually someone will insist on having it and I’ll sell it for around $200.00 or more, it’s ultimate profit. I know I know I’m evil...but business is business.


  1. you got some great items!!! i'm jealous. i wish i could go with you. i always dicker over the price,like you. thats the fun of it...

  2. Score!!
    I love the dead mother's painting too.


  4. Larry - I love to bargain for stuff it’s half the fun. Plus it increases my profit margin. I’m a regular Mr. Drysdale.

    Jason - Somehow I thought you might like this painting. I guess it brings around fond memories from seeing these in Grandma’s and auntie’s houses as children.

    Kitty - My dad had Keely’s “Swing You Lover’s” in his collection and I would listen to it all day long. I now have about six or seven Keely records. They are the best especially with Louis Prima.

    Mitzi - Kitschtique would be the perfect word for my personal style upstairs but Victorian splendor would describe the downstairs. I make the maids dress accordingly cause I get them confused.

  5. Nice job snagging the Keely! And I think I'm in love with the windbreaker.

    I usually find an opening of "I'll give you cash, no tax" a great way of finding out if they'll be open to bargaining. It doesn't always work, but I've saved sales tax on some pricey items.