I happen to be the proud owner of a copy of Colt Men issue NO.1 starring the handsome and well hung Toby. I’m not able to find very much information about him but Al’s Gay Porn Stars offered the following little blurb plus a few more pictures,

"Toby was a beefy, hairy Colt star of the 1970s and 1980s. He was born in England in 1944 and lived for a time in London. After retiring from the porn industry, he set up an antiques store in Los Angeles. He died in 1993 of AIDS complications."

For info about many more gay porn stars visit Big Gay AL’s Porn Star Parade. If you're nasty and kinky you’ll be glad you did. If you’d like to see the rest of Toby in the photo above just touch him go on touch him.


  1. WOW!! lucky you! that copy must be worth something. i remember this guy.

  2. COLT used to have such hot men! Some time in the 80s they decided that steroids won out over the muscle mass/big floppy dick combo...which is fine, it's all about making $$, no? I will definitely check out Big Gay Al's site, to find out what ever happend to John Davenport...mmmm.... 'scuse me, gotta get some busy-ness going on...

  3. Oh, thank you, kind sir. Thank you.