Let’s Play a Game:

Inspired by Lady Mitzi's Accidental Porn I was reminded of a little game we used to play as children. When given a dollar to spend on candy at the local Stop-N-Go convenience store we would invariably fold the bill into interesting shapes or puzzles. This particular puzzle is one I like to call pornogami.

Here we go...

Have you ever seen George Washington’s dick?

1. Take an ordinary one dollar bill.

2. Turn it upside down.

3. Fold the bill lengthwise just above George’s chin.

4. Now look closely. Do you see George’s dick?

Coming soon, How to fold a dollar bill into a bow that can be worn about the neck or in ones hair.


  1. Is this the Pirate's way of saying HAppy President's Day?

  2. Very much so...Happy George Washington's Dick Day.

  3. He's got a little button mushroom hasn't he?

  4. Naughty money....
    who knew...
    a dollar bill was so thick.

  5. Hey Pirate...
    Happy Belated Birthday too!