Magic Show and Tell Attic:

While I have a few days off I’ve been rummaging around my attic in an effort to tidy up the place a bit. The weather has been so crisp and clear lately that it makes the effort that much more pleasurable. Not that it’s a pleasure spending a gorgeous day up in dim dark attic filled with scary things but the alternative is much more deadly. For about nine months out of the year you can hardly venture into that space as the temperatures hover around 107 degrees making the ideal steam room/sweat lodge conditions. Spend an afternoon up there and you’ll drop a couple pounds.

Anyway I keep unearthing treasure that I’ve long since forgotten like taxidermy. I lost count but I must have about five or six deer heads laying about the place. I have found several large boxes of matches; I mean thousands upon thousands of matches, numerous bowls and jugs of marbles, and little statues and figurines, oh and some really terrific boxes of vintage porn. I’ve scanned a couple images of the marbles, matches, and porn (back before the internets rendered magazine porn obsolete and valuable, relax it’s soft porn nothing to wild for blogger) for you guys to enjoy…I’ll keep sharing junk as I find it and document it.

Just so none of you get the wrong idea that I’m a hoarder of which I am but I’m keeping most of my collections warehoused until a later date when the rest of my house is completed or finished or restored or something like that. Also it’s like investing if I buy something for a few pennies today then a few years from now it’ll be worth a few dollars…get it. It’s always been a fast rule of my collecting habits that if I like it then chances are that somebody else will like it too and pay for it.

Oh and if you haven’t heard from me in a week or so it’s because I tripped inside one of the little trails and the mountainous piles of junk have caved in and smothered me. So call out for the authorities before spring and the heat makes my body start to decompose and smell up the place.

So here’s some more Show and Tell…

Some random matchbook covers. I particularly like the Walt Disney Contemporary Resort and the 7-up ones. The 7-up's are all about mixing 7-up with liquors like rye.

My marbles.

This is a lid to a sweet little art deco trinket box with a hot Roman soldier relief.

The charm of 1980’s real man porn, I miss the savage eighties Tarzan big hair loincloth look.

Gerrrrrrrraldo! I used to have such a big crush on Geraldo, pre Al Capone’s Vault, after Al Capone’s Vault not so much.


  1. i agree about geraldo. he was a hottie! do you have any deer heads? i like those....

  2. Now THAT is what an attic is supposed to be like! Stuffed with weird treasures. Love the matchbook collection.

  3. That last photo of Geraldo struck me as odd on so many levels; and then it hit me -- he looks positively chicken-plucked! I mean, don't you kinda expect Geraldo to be a hairy beast?

  4. I know I've said it before, but... I WANNA LIVE IN YOUR ATTIC!

  5. I love those matchbooks!
    And the hot Roman box.

  6. No wonder I like you you are sincerely nuts! And you have a hollywood movie this n' that attic! That can't be real.

  7. the soldier has a javelin, but you have a large javelin collection on the left. What's up with THAT?

  8. A mounted stag's head every home should have one, the antlers would come in handy to dry one's smalls on.

  9. Larry - I secretly imagine myself to be Mrs. Geraldo but in a dominatrix capacity…Geraldo’s been a very naughty boy. Yes I have many deer heads up here. I used to put little red felt caps on their noses at Christmas time.

    Elizabeth – I used to decorate my attic to make it look like the ones we imagine from movies. I think the deer heads are essential attic decorating. I would really love to have a gramophone and moose head but I’m not picky. I also have huge trunks filled with costumes for playing dress up.

    TJB – He does seem to be a little hairless. Yes I too expected him to be a furry thing with glistening tufts of black swirls. I suspect he uses his wife’s little pink razor to race over his lean naked body in the shower.

    Kitty - If you ever need a place to stay you are welcome to haunt my attic just remember I rent it by the hour. You’d make a lovely leopard Madame if you care to turn it into a brothel.

    Jason – I’m addicted to purchasing matchbook collections. They tell a story a travelogue if you will of the places people have visited in their lives. It’s always the first thing to go when a widow tosses out her husband’s belongings after he dies from smoking!

    Reavis – It is real and your only seeing a little portion of one of the eves and yes I am nuts. Okay the little Roman trinket box is not true Bakelite but Catalin plastic, which is a form of Bakelite. The javelin collection is part of a larger collection of the Oddfellows fraternal organization costumes. I have the robes and garments and helmets too all crammed into a huge wooden trunk that was already here. I should post about those someday. I wear one every Halloween. If you look into the distance behind the chimney you’ll see my vast record collection shelved against the wall.

    Mitzi – They make good weapons too. Just grab it off the wall an gore intruders to death.

  10. Any taxidermy will rot in extreme heat - I know ; that's whu I never go in the sun!

    On Geraldo (I was in an episode in the early 90's with 60 other club kids call 'the agony and the exxxtasy' oh lord) - his son, at the time I met him, was a very queeny roly poly fashion or arts major with an asymmetrical hairdo he kept flipping back and a bevy of fag hags around him. He lived across the hall from a friend of mine's awesome apartment and they were both having a party so we went back and forth to them.