Fish Bowl Furniture and Ornaments:

It’s time for a little show and tell. Previously in the viral random things meme I stated that I am a voracious collector of junk and in a previous life was a traveling junk dealer like Mr. Haney on Green Acres. I mentioned that my latest obsession is collecting fish bowl furniture and ornaments. I simply can’t pass them up, as they are becoming a dying breed much like ashtrays of which I’m also addicted to purchasing, just like I’m addicted to smoking. Not any old ashtrays but huge ones that hold hundreds of butts, I just think it easier to empty less often when having wild out of control swinging smoke parties. Smoke up gals the evening is young, Smoke Smoke Smoke. That’s another post.

Anyway back when I was attending college to become a designer people would ask me, “What kind of designer?” and I would smile and say, “Oh a highly technically trained fish tank interior designer of course”. Little did I know that the universe has ways of listening to the words that one speaks aloud and cruelly makes them come true. It’s true. It’s True.

I’d like to feature one of my favorite pieces and that is the very creepy child wearing a divers outfit with breathing apparatus. Isn’t he just darling? He’s only about two inches tall. The fish won’t have anything to do with him. He’s marked Occupied Japan.

Next up is a charming Asian vista complete with pagodas and a little figure. It’s absolutely huge about eight inches long and five inches tall. It also features the most vivid polychrome glaze. Marked Japan.

The little tiki hut with thatch roof is another one that’s not so little. It stands about eight inches tall and five inches wide. I hate the glaze it’s so outré but it looks nice in the curio emporium cabinet display. It has an opening in the back and makes a great hiding place for the little fishy’s. They hate it also. It’s marked Korea. Strange I don’t find many things stamped Korea these days. Damn Korean manufacturers they used to fashion the most exquisite fish tank décor.

I am now completely possessed of redecorating my fish bowl. I swap the little treasures sometimes as much as three times a day much to the dislike and disorientation of my fish. Who cares about them? I always say the fish bowl decorations are much more important than the fish themselves. They are living things and can be replaced. It’s all about the accoutrement.


  1. I love the little thatched hut....
    but that alien up there is just terrifying.
    I'd be scared of it giving me an anal probe.

  2. I don't like the diver one, it looks evil.

    Ayem8y my friend has a fish tank with countless object d'art in it including a tresaure chest, a shell that blow out bubbles, a bridge, and a large wooly pom pom covered in fish eggs! Apparently fish have a fetish for pom-poms it encourages them to breed and lay their roe on the strands of wool.

    I don't know what pom poms are called where you are, so here's what I'm on about.

  3. The little diver guy is so creepy. I can’t imagine some artist dreaming up the idea then getting the okay from production but there he is. I can also visualize shelves at the fish tank furniture emporium being empty of all other pieces except the one row of neatly lined up diver boys. “Those diver boys aint a movin’! Don’t order anymore of those Gladys.”

    Oh Mitzi what a cute little fluffy thing the pom pom is but in America, that’s the USA you know, we call them a pom pom….Oh the mysteries and differences in our languages…it’s amazing that we can understand one another at all really. I suppose the fuzzy charm of a pom pom is universal…but not in Albania, Czechoslovakia, or Istanbul! Whatever the case may be I can’t rid myself of the visual of nasty little fishy’s depositing their eggs on an underwater pom pom…eewwwww! I suppose it aids in the harvesting of their delicious sperm, I mean caviar.

    It’s weird because there seems to be a strange vocabulary wordy thing going on about the pom pom, apparently in folklore about the legend of the pom pom, in some languages the spelling is pom pon. Which is hard to say really after always saying pom pom.

    Anyway the girls always wore a set of dirty grungy pompompons attached to their equally filthy white roller skates. The effect was one of saying, “Hey I’m a filthy pig princess who puts out and never cleans her skates or washes her pompom. Let’s skate in the couples only round then make out at the refreshment stand and go steady for about a week.”

  4. Ayem8y you do tickle me! I thought perhaps you used a different word for them and save you from knitting your brows together. When I first visited NY 15 years ago, the bellboy, who wasn't a boy at all but a 50+ black man, showed me around the room, saying very slowly and precise... "THIS IS A TELEVISION, YOU PRESS HERE TO TURN IT ON, AND PRESS IT AGAIN TO TURN IT OFF, THIS IS A TELEPHONE... etc" Me and Carmen were pissing ourselves laughing.

  5. That little japanese boy in the breath control fetish gear is really cute! I would like to wear him on my neck, as an attachment to the padlock on my dog collar. Sir.

  6. I never heard of anyone collecting this stuff before! Cool. Love the diver creepo.

  7. the occupied japan one might be worth something...

  8. Mitzi – I thought you might get a laugh over that. There are places not twenty miles away that I would not venture without a passport, guide, and translator...A bit too rural of a dialect. “What did she just say?…Oh…I think I understand now…And a Good Morning to you to Ma’am.”

    Ray – Not until you have done all your chores and licked my boots like a good little puppy…

    Colleen – If it’s weird and previously uncollected chances are that I already have a collection of it somewhere in my attic.

    Larry - It has always been my experience that little tiny things marked Occupied Japan are always worth a big pretty penny.