When you find yourself living next door to the Griswolds what do you do? You report them of course but to what authority?

HGTV is always a good standby however HGTV has become a little more H than G lately.

The Fashion Police might offer assistance but in spite of their good intentions to Serve and Protect the Fashion Police are busy writing citations for walking pedestrian violations.

The local gang of street bullies that smashed your punkins this Halloween might be able to offer reinforcement and redecorate that yard with a sledgehammer providing you bribe them with compensation.

Nope you announce the violation by snapping a picture of the offender and then submit it to the website devoted to disgraceful holiday lawn ornamentation, Tacky Christmas Yards.


  1. there is such a thing as TOO MUCH!!tacky for days....

  2. I'm deathly serious when I say, I love em all and can't decide which I love most!

  3. I have to say that the second one is definitely my favorite. Not one spare inch leftover and so neat and tidy running right along the property lines.