Icky Gay Profiles:

Special Holiday Edition:

Freaky Strangeness

Freaky always new he was different from all of the other little boys but he never could quite put his finger on it. The other boys used to laugh and call him names. They never let poor Freaky join in any of there little boy games. They had a good reason not to.

Then one day as Freaky grew into a handsome young man he began to realize why he couldn’t put his finger on it. It was because there was nothing there. He needed to put his finger in it instead.

Freaky with your twat so tight want you be my date tonight. Then how the other little boys loved him and they shouted out with glee, Freaky the no dick plaything you’re gonna go down on me. And he did too. The rest was H-I-S-T-O-R-Y.


  1. Buck Angel? Eunuch? It would be nice to sit down and pee.

  2. eeeuuuuwww! i'm grossed out! but laughing.....

  3. I’m afraid I have officially scared off any visitors that I have left with this post however I still feel like I have nasty work left to do. It’s my mission to inform of the dangers that lurk in the world and not just present endless pretty posts.

    Mitzi- Not Buck Angel and not a eunuch either. It’s a penis inversion. He started with a 9 inch penis and had a penectomy that inverted the tissue to create a mangina.

    I don’t dare provide a link from this site. If you would like to visit feel free to cut and paste the addresses below,


    his rent boy profile can be found here,


    Larry I too was grossed out but simultaneously turned on. I felt like I needed eyewash after viewing these pictures so of course I needed to share the Icky factor.

  4. definite icky and eeeuuuwww factor. a mangina? modern science is breathtaking. i'm gobsmacked!!

  5. I just threw up in my mouth.. alot.

  6. It's like a huge hairy axe wound.

    "Tastes like steak and pototoes,(sick) not tuna!"

  7. lol!!! mitzi and misster kitty. you CRACK me up!!!

  8. You unwrap the gift...and it's just like Christmas morning!
    Shoulda left Santa a cookie

  9. HOLY SHIT! You need to WARN people before you post these things!

    Mangina. A word I never thought I'd hear, and never want to hear again.

    Oh, and I like the fact that he considers himself a big ol' gay bottom who likes getting fucked by cock so much, that he got himself a mangina... then revises that to "bisexual." Ummm. Yeah. Me, too.