Fantasy Lights:

For Ray Ray who expressed a love for, “ Those people who buy the inflatable elves and santas at wal mart”! I hope this meets the requirement. Stay tuned as there are many more in my neighborhood including the ones that ride motorcycles and snow at the sane time. God I wish I would have thought of that snowing idea first.

Maximum Spirit!

Minimum Spirit!


  1. We like to drive along the council estates where the poor people live, there have the most blinged up houses. Highlights of our sourjourn have included a giant blow-up Homer Simpson dressed up as Santa, a cello-playing snowman, a particularly fine set of glowing Victorian carol-singers, Father Christmas driving a small sports car, and a magnificent illuminated reindeer with a moving head, they're a fucking hilarious. Yes, they may be tacky, they may be kitsch, but they're glorious. I love them.

  2. I would egg nog the 2nd house if it were not a waste of egg nog that I should be consuming with double jiggers of rum...

    The Teddy Santa in #1 is adorable tho...

  3. aaw...I find minimum spirit kind of sweet.