Fantasy Lights:

Ripping off, I mean inspired by Billy Beyond's posts observing the lack of spirit or maybe funding displayed in the retail windows of New York this year, I’ve decided to do the same but with pictures from around my town. It’s sad I know just deal.

Some that I have observed exhibit a minimum effort while others are full on tacky overboard. Some are tastefully in the middle or of a more reserved medium spirit. Yes it’s still early as my favorite lady at the Circle K informed me when I told her what I was doing with my camera.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas at my house, well maybe more like a Griswald Christmas. The tackier the better right? I especially adore the strands of Jewish blue lights. They just glow so much more and seem to say Christ is Lord.

It’s a miserable Christmas thus far and few have that holiday feeling but ya’ll Santa Claus needs your spirit and belief to fuel his sled so he has the energy to go around clawing all the good little chilluns wid presents.

This example is one of maximum holiday overload and was in effect several days before Thanksgiving.

This one is of the minimal variety and I especially like the Vidalia onions sign hanging on the garden gate or is that Villa d'Oro something or another. The Villa of Gold? The Gold Villa?


  1. I especially like those people who buy the inflatable elves and santas at wal mart, or the inflatable nativity, with the blow hole in baby jesus' lap. Those christians are freaks.

  2. Oh, and that couple at the top of your post are the scariest things I have ever seen in my entire life. I'm going to have nightmares.