Christmas Yard Sales:

This Christmas is especially rough during these trying times. While biking through my neighborhood early this morning many yard sale signs caught my attention. People were desperate to unload treasure in exchange for cash to purchase new treasure.

I feel certain most of the items were once Christmas gifts. Lots of bargains to be had out there folks if you are willing to get up early and beat the bushes to find that excellent deal. Just feast your eyes on the treasure that I scored early this morning.

A Gen-U-Wine Auto-Graphed Pitcher of Miss Lo-Retta Lynn!


  1. Some of the greatest pleasures in life are the most simple. We don't have yard sales here in the UK, cause many people here are anti-social and don't like strangers on their property. But we do have car boot sales in which individuals come together in a muddy field or in a pub's carpark on a Sunday morning to sell their wares from out of the back end of their vehicles, they're like mobile shops. I love browsing them occasionally. I once witnessed an Indian women pick up some green velvet curtains and proudly told the man serving her that she was going to make a sari from them. I've only ever bought one item from a boot sale and that was a John Waters double bill video of Pink Flamingoes and Female Trouble, I still have it.

  2. What a great idea. get rid of all the crap you don't want and go buy stuff for everyone on your list.

  3. that's a goodone! i can never remember what those square hairdos were called...

  4. Mitzi I love boot sales or Flea Markets or whatever. I especially love seeing people give away valuable stuff for a bargain. Suckers. I would be one of those people featured on a hoarder program where I live in filth killed by dirty newspapers falling on me that were stacked high to the ceiling in trails all over my place. SCORE on the John Waters flicks. I suppose I’m the “Filthiest Person Alive” these days.

    Gallus I would be the person to recycle a recycled gift! It’s good ecology. I hate what I have and buy things I don’t need. No one leaves my place empty handed. "No really take it and toss it in the trash on your way out PLEASE."

    Reavis I asked my beautician and we feel sure the terminology in question is referred to as, "Helmet Hair". I don't think this is the term you were looking for but it will have to "Do". Get it "Do"! I'm laughing now cause it's so funny. “Do” get it?