The Voice of the Xtabay is Silent:

Poor Yma she now resides with the Inca deities. After all she did claim to be a Peruvian princess but why was she sacrificed? We could all do with a dose of her campy exotic shrieks right about now. Isn’t it odd that the public universally loves someone with such incredible talent but not so much by the entourage she kept company? The stories are flying around the interwebs. Farwell to the one also known as Amy Camus.


  1. I love Yma. There will always be a special place on my iPod for her.

  2. Okay...I just got the Anne B video to load. Never seen this one before. I laughed out loud. What a classy woman. Few could have pulled this skit off as she did.

    I'll bet Anne's waiting at the Pearly Gates to welcome Yma to her friends...but only by their first names.