Yeah um Happy Thanksgiving and Stuff:

So many things to be sad about lately. Many sharity blogs are folding or going private the economy is in the toilet and friends are losing jobs. Better buy your new car now it might just be the last new car ever made in America. Fabulon has folded. It’s where most of us all met. The depression is turning out to be really depressing. I wish we would finally stick our heads out and realize this is the 21st century and not the 20th. Change is hard for most folks but embrace it and its creative energy recharge. Because ya’ll things are really dull. This is not the bright shining century I was duped into believing we would be living. The Jetsons were liars.

You know it was charming at first during the late 1990’s when all of the style and tastemakers got lazy and decided to reflect on the past century for inspiration.

They rehashed and repackaged all of the music we are forced to listen too over and over. There isn’t a definitive sound just oldies and manufactured corporate pop tunes with glossy talent less singers that sample old songs. They don’t even play real music anymore you know real compositions with real musicians. New styles please, new genres please. Please give us something new to listen to. I feel sad for the kids of today, they have absolutely no musical legacy to reflect upon later in life like oh say their twentieth class reunion when they will all gather on the dance floor to hear…Britney.

Fashion designers recycled all of the past few decades of fashions into an amalgamation of style that we pick and choose from. No fashion just style. You know the true definition of the word eclectic is when you assemble the best and most definitive pieces of a period together. I wouldn’t say fashion today is eclectic as the style assembled for today’s fashions do not represent the best pieces from former periods. New fashions please.

The entertainment industry really got lazy and decided that we should just repackage old TV shows into films or make enormous action packed fast paced blockbusters. They have elevated the attention span to mere seconds and now people are unable to watch an old fashioned slow paced drama that actually has a story or even a point. It’s going to take a readjustment of our attention spans. I suggest reading. Books are a good place to start. New entertainment please.

Enough all ready with the refried rehashes! When will the 21st century finally begin to take shape and become its own century? The old school is finally out so deal with it. Obama is in so deal with it and let the sweeping changes begin. Deal it and deal me a good hand please.

So many things to be thankful for though I still have a job as of this moment, I’m in relatively good health and that’s something to be thankful for, as I have no health insurance. I’m thankful to be going to Atlanta for Thanksgiving to visit my wonderful parents who will be celebrating their 50th anniversary at the end of this year. I’m thankful not to be dealing with the housing and mortgage problems. Thankful we didn’t have serious hurricanes this year. I’m thankful to still be able to feel thankful.


  1. I hear you. Don't forget "reality programming" in the entertainment category.
    Obama is one huge thing to be thankful for, though! He's on my list...

  2. Miss J is thankful The Pirate has much to be thankful for. Happy Thanksgiving.

  3. Happy Thanksgiving Pirate! It's always darkest before dawn, and with each new day comes a fresh new colostomy bag!