I walked into the office and there right in plain sight were two BIG RED BAGS. I had brought my BIG BLACK BAG. Then I checked the Face Books and My Spaces for bulletins but no memos on bring your Big Red Bag day.

Um, didn't get that memo ladies.

Oh I GET it.

Yeah I GET it all right trying to leave me out the loop.

We'll just see about that.

So jealous cause I'm popular.

That's fine wait till they get a load of my new BIG PURPLE BAG.



  1. Wait till they get a load of your big colostomy bag. That'll show them.

  2. You said it Peenee! Wait till they get a load of my designer stoma complete with encircling tattoos. Oh and the new look in Florida is the designer logo’d facial bandage to cover the cancerous skin removals. It’s all the rage second only to the designer cataract spectacles.

  3. Purple bag?

    Details, please. And pictures.

  4. Unless, of course, the purple bag IS your colostomy bag.

  5. Thank God there are us Veronicas in the world to make it a little more interesting.