Suffer Kay Francis Suffer:

The TCM festival of Kay Francis films has finally come to an end as all good things must. So many good Kay moments to cherish. I especially enjoyed Mandalay where Kay jumps aboard a steamer at the last moment with nothing but the clothes on her back then proceeds to parade an endless fashion show of glamorous gowns and headdresses. Then she is accused of poisoning her man only to truly poison him in the end. That’s our Kay.

Most of Kay’s films were really about suffering. After all it was the depression and what a better way to spend your dreary night out at the movies than to watch someone suffer more than you. She suffered better than any of them even Bette Davis. Suffer Kay Suffer!

So I cobbled together a little condensed version of a little film entitled Confession. Boy does Kay suffer in this one. She even manages a little murder but for all the right reasons. I hope you enjoy watching Kay suffer as much as I do. All in under five minutes.

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