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  1. Oh, look! A new controversy just in time to get Madonna's name in the media so she can sell more tickets for the North American leg of her "Change of Life Tour '08"!

    This tour does looks a little lackluster to me, but then again, Madge does need the extra cash to pay Guy his alimony!

  2. Laura, I couldn't agree with you more!

  3. Madonna predictions 2009:

    1. Guy starts dating a much YOUNGER woman...say 25?

    2. Guy actually has a hit movie on his hands for a change instead of tired Madonna projects.

    2. Madonna leaves England and the fake countryladyofthemanor, faux accent behind.

    3. Madonna leaves Kaballah behind.

    4. Madonna discards A-Rod like another used tissue...(this tactic served only to publicly humiliate Guy & get him so steamed he cried "Uncle" in the divorce now instead of sticking to the prior end of tour /year end agreement...thus saving Madonna a few million more pounds.)

    5. Madonna's divorce causes her to create a rockin' new album that blows us away!

  4. You know I wish number 5. would come true. I would love a rockin' new album that blows us away!

  5. Even tho I was too good for confessions upon its release, i listen to it now like 3x a week. but i hate hard candy. as cute as guy is, he sounds like a real a-hole...why is madge so attracted to a-holes?

  6. because she sings and speaks out of here a hole