Abra Cadabra Lessons:

Seduction is a talent I already possess and as such I have no need for an enchantment. I like STRANGE. To be bonded with another for all eternity would be a manifestation of HELL. I do however understand the nature of infatuation. If you relax and let infatuation run its course, in six months it will all be over.

If after six months you find infatuation has turned to LOVE then by all means indulge in this type of spell. Beware these seduction spells have permanence. The link is binding. FOREVER.

Tonight we graduate. Senior Witches. Able to will another’s love with magic. Don’t blame me when he becomes fat and offensive and never leaves your side and makes a lasting impression upon your mattress.

Is everyone ready? Let's begin:

Lesson 9


Senior Witch Merit Badge:

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