Abra Cadabra Lessons:

This lesson teaches you how to win friends and influence others the easy way with magic of course. Why bother to improve your interpersonal skills and hygiene when magic incantations can do the job for you. I have a feeling this spell is very much in play with today’s Presidential candidates.

Is everyone ready? Let's begin:

Lesson 2

The Self Fascination Ritual For Increased Power


  1. A Spell to silence a noisy neighbour.

    To be performed on the night of a new moon. Light a yellow candle and into a cup of of oil (olive,cooking etc) sprinkle some salt reciting the following words:

    Move somewhere very far from me, take your music and tv,
    Your voices raised I'll hear no more,
    when you have gone and closed the door.

    Dip a birds feather into the oil and draw a rune outside your neighbour's house on the ground.

    The rune should look something like this \___\ it is the rune of travel and will induce those noisy bastards to pack their bags. If this doesn't work go round with a few thugs and threaten to kill them if they don't keep the noise down. Put the windows in for good measure to show you mean business!

  2. I need to work that into my nightly enchantment chants! I have a neighbor who plays music at top decibels. Must die.

    Oh evil queen is there a spel in your repetoire that gets rid of nosey neighbors? Something very powerful...like Glady's Kravitz powerful?