Toni Time:

Happy Birthday wishes to my favorite and most talented Hollywoodland Vampire Choreographer, Miss Toni Basil.

Thrill to the delightful distraction of the GoGo. No one does GoGo like Toni…they just don’t know how to GoGo anymore…it’s a series of clean snapping movements with concise jerking motions precisely timed to the beat. Writhing and wriggling in undulating sexual syncopation doth not the GoGo make.

When attempting the GoGo one must remember tried and true Shindig approved GoGo steps: The Frug, The Swim, The Mashed Potato, The Twist, The Watusi, The Shake, and of course The Hitchhike. It’s not an officially sanctioned dance step unless it has a name and “The” in its title.

Let’s watch the master in action.

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