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Many years ago I purchased a box of newspaper clippings for fifty cents at an estate sale. I never thought much about it and stashed them in a box of junk in the attic. They appear to be clippings that someone wanted to save for a loved one who was away fighting in WWII as they date from 1940-1946.

The newspaper business is one of a dying breed and soon they probably won't exist in the paper form much longer. The Jetson age is upon us and we shall be bombarded with electronic media for the rest of 21st century. It’s sad to see them go and this person took such care to pin all the little notices together grouping them in categories with handwritten dates.

I have no idea why some were clipped out and I suppose only the clipper and the reader will ever no the true reasons. So as much as I’m preserving these little gems for posterity before they dissolve, I am also using them to torture the readers of this blog. Enjoy.

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  1. Ah, the careless glamour of a silk scarf and a fur swing coat!

    Imagine being the woman who dreamed up Sylvia Fowler and a legislator...

  2. There were women in Congress way back then?

    Who knew.

  3. The women of that era really knew how to dress didn't they, unlike the scrubbers we see today with their bra straps showing and a "camel's toe" was something you saw on an Ungulate.

  4. Look closely in the background...see that old man, it's John McCain.