Doris Duke:

In my next life I either want to be reincarnated as a black girl (because they have more fun) or as Doris Duke. Doris lived like a queen honey. So few live like a queen these days. I know we’re at war and vulgar displays of wealth and fashion are frowned upon during times of hardship but where are the do’ wagers? They owe it to me. While I swelter in my walk up flat eating cat food out of a can with one light bulb. These bitches owe me a glimpse of the life that I should have.

Doris had it all, money, good looks, wealth, good body, riches, Porfirio Rubirosa and luxuries. Porfirio seemed to wiggle himself into some of the richest and most glamorous women. So when reincarnating I want him also.

I have just returned all refreshed from my tour of Doris’s Hawaiian hideaway the fabled “Shangri La.” All simple and unimposing on the outside and a palace on the inside a little getaway all fit for her majesty, Queen Doris.

Don’t believe me? It truly is all that I say. One of the best sites I have ever visited in person on the Internets. Take the tour of Shangri La it will leave you longing for a taste of Porfirio and how the other half live. I just want a piece…a piece of the Porfirio tube steak.

Wik her up - Doris:

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  1. I'd like just one picture of the "west wing" of Porfirio, thank you.

  2. Wow--just glanced at it, will have to give it more time. Still recovering from watching Gilda last night, when I wanted to stroke Rita Hayworth's luminous hair.