Reality Fashion:

I watch Project Runway simply because I love fashion. One day it’s IN the next day it’s OUT then it’s in again then it’s out, in and out, out and in. My closet is beginning to develop a complex. *CLOSET CRISIS* Highlights would be when Heidi says, “You’re out, GET OUT, GET OUT, GET OUT OF MY SIGHT AND OFF OF MY RUNWAY”. I like it when Michael Kors gets tickled and Nina Garcia just because she speaks English with a lovely accent. English should always be spoken with a lovely accent, there’s only three kinds, foreign, Southern and British.

The good designers squeak by and are usually safe, robbing the audience of up close inspection and critique of the garment, and the bad ones hang around no matter what they trot out.

This week’s passive aggressive stand out was Joe Faris, his Ego and overuse of the phrase, “Let the fashion games begin.” Convinced he was going to win the challenge with an uneven patriotic skort. Phew.

Blayne Walsh struggling with his tanning issues.

Korto Momolu with her beautiful clothes and dour personality saying, “It’s about freaking time”.

So friends here’s a condensed recap of the show, a reader’s digest version if you will.


  1. What a scary episode! If they eliminated ALL the 'what the fuck were they thinking' outfits, the only one left on our team would be that tan one.

  2. I'm just glad my timid little mouse, Daniel is not off.
    (though I can see why others might hate him)