Pierce Me:

Much has been said of Pierce Brosnan’s singing ability in the ABBA inspired movie, Mama Mia! I haven’t seen it…yet but I will get around to it one day. Honestly though any man who can wear a shiny disco suit with a plunging neckline is not going to be kicked out of my bed no matter what he sings like. No, No I don’t wanna know your name. Let’s not speak or sing and ruin this moment shall we.

Here are the two songs that feature Pierce. Have a listen, discuss and decide for yourselves.


When All Is Said And Done


  1. Oh, he's not the worst part of the movie at all, contrary to reports.

    And yes, he can do whatever he wants in my bed (even sing)
    thank you.

  2. OK you GOTTA see it and see it soon... but I'm sorry, I respectfully disagree with ou. He can't come to my bedroom... at least not now, not after attacking ABBA so... maybe 5 years ago, but not now... BEsides, he's starting to get a George Hamilton vibe going on... and that's not hot... and I've said it before, I'll say it again, he should never be allowed to sing again, not even in the shower, not even in his head... his singing is a crime against humanity...

  3. I dunno..I'd rather do Colin Firth.

    Pierce was painful in the movie..and what's with the bad grooming? In one scene his neck hair was longer than what was growing on top of his head.