Olympic Boyfriends:

Jonathan Horton has become my new Olympics 2008 boyfriend. I’ll have to forget Sashay Klein my synchro love diving lover as he is already spoken for, “Keep your hands off Sascha he’s mine” something to that effect. Anyway back to Jo’nathan could he be any cuter? I mean sure his neck is a little short and stubby but then after all I’m not after his neck. He’s just so full of team spirit and enthusiasm and that floor routine, WOW! Bouncing and flipping around like a little flibbertigibbet.


  1. I think what I said was ... "Hands off the Sascha, I called Dibs!" still it's good to see I got my point across. heh

    I am very happy for you and little JoJo... just, and I hate to be the one to bring this up and all, but there seems to be a teenie eensie issue developing over in the Olympic Gymnastic arena...

    Do your homework, validate his DOB before you touch the merchandise... s'all I'm sayin'

  2. Damn! He's a child. I've moved on to the men's basketball team of Spain anyway. So ruff and gruff and hairy and manly.