Cindy Cindy Cindy:

That Cindy McCain is one sharp cookie sporting a little black sling at a press conference today. Imagine using an injury to garner sympathy votes this early in the election campaign. She's genius. Poor Cindy's not accustomed to using her arms and hands for manual tasks as she relies on slaves for that. No polishing the silver or beating cake batter for our little Miss Cindy. Centuries of selective pampered breeding can leave ones wrist bones a little frail. What was she doing shaking hands with commoners in the first place? Foolish Cindy. My only problem with the whole ploy is that she wasn’t able to beat her couturier into stitching up a sling to match her ensemble.


  1. Nancy Reagan is turning in her grave over that AWFUL Kmart necklace. Wait, Nancy Reagan's dead, right...?

  2. I think Nancy Reagan is one of the un-dead.