Birthday Wishes:

Madonna is 50! Wow that makes me feel old. Don’t get drunk and fall off your horse this year lady.

It’s Eydie’s birthday. I miss Steve and Eydie they're all over the place keeping the standards going when no one wants to hear them.

All Eydie wants is a little Frenesi and for no one to mention that she's 77.

Last but not least my friend Stacy who resents that she shares her birthday with Madonna and Eydie. She needs a little Frenesi in her life too. I’m sure to hear all about it tonight when I make my annual three-hour transcontinental birthday phone call. We’ve known each other since the third grade when I thought she was about the closest thing to a real live Jodie Foster. Have a happy 43 girl. Um Hum I said it.


  1. happy birthday Stacy!

    (Those other bitches can take care of themselves.)

  2. Madge looks great! Who's the broad on her back?