Casting call is underway for another fabulous Mr. Peenee Production to be staged at the elegantly well-appointed club My-O-My. Anyone familiar with Peenee Productions knows of the director’s penchant for lavish stage designs, over the top costumery, chorus boys, liveliness and vivacity of imagination and top-notch-first-rate-performers.

The master is currently auditioning semi-professional trannie entertainresses for the upcoming Coco Vreeland headlined dragaganza entitled, “You're Too Big for Polka Dots”.

Better hurry and get down on Peenee’s casting couch, as he doesn’t like filling last minute slots. Listen ladies this is a star-making opportunity not to be missed so get your acts together. Stage names and musical arrangements required!

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  1. There's a couple of Doris Days in this picture, and a Rita Hayworth or two, and look a Marilyn and of course Sloth from The Goonies wearing a black dress second from the end.