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The Roller Boogie Movie:

“So you know how I’m a huge Linda Blair fan right? No? Oh yeah Linda Blair and I go way back. I used to ride my bike up to the Meadow Brook Cinema 6 when I was a kid and see matinees for two-fifty. I saw the trailer for Linda Blair in the Roller Boogie movie, the next Saturday I was there watchin' it. I wanted to be her.”

So does this fascination with Linda Blair continue to this day?

“Oh just this other day, well a couple months ago really I was on Ebay searchin' for stuff and I came up on that purple silk shirt she wore in the Roller Boogie movie. You know the one I’m talkin' about? No? It’s purple and iridescent and she belts it over a pair of purple spandex leggin’s and leotard. It's all roller disco color coordinated purple for Linda Blair in the Roller Boogie movie.”

Looks hot. Did you bid on it?


Why not?

“Cause it was fif’teen hunard dollars that’s why. I figured I could get one like it at a thrift store and just tell ever’body that it was the one Linda Blair wore in the Roller Boogie movie. The auction did offer a really good deal though. An autographed 8x10 Screen shot and the DVD cover both featurin' Linda Blair wearin' the shirt.”


This is YOUR chance to own a piece of HOLLYWOOD HISTORY! This is a very wise buy! It can only go up in value!

Linda located this wardrobe piece in her archives and is auctioning it off for charity! All to help abandoned and abused animals!

This is the only wardrobe piece from the film in existence. This is it!

Fans of the Movie should act now!

You will receive:

The Roller Boogie Shirt! An 8x10 Screen Shot of Linda wearing the shirt! An 8x10 of the DVD cover featuring the shirt!



Starting bid: US $1,499.99

Ended: Apr-16-08 11:44:00 PDT

Shipping costs:Calculate

Ships to: United States

Item location: Toluca Lake, CA, United States

History: 0 bids

Purple Silk Shirt on Ebay


The Blade Runner Movie:

“Well a few years later my older brother made me skip school and get high and go see a movie with him. My parents were out of town and he was supposed to be watchn’ us and we went to see the Blade Runner movie with Harrison Ford. That movie changed my world. Harrison Ford had a fine ass short haircut, a nice ass apartment, and cool ass futuristic clothes. I wanted to be him.”

So what steps did you take to be more like Harrison Ford in the movie Blade Runner?

“I liked his stuff. I liked his piano with tons of pictures and the whole Frank Lloyd Wright stamped concrete motif all over the place. I’ve been saving little pieces of stuff for a long time and one day I’m goin’ to redecorate my life and house and wardrobe and be like Harrison Ford in the Blade Runner movie.”

Wow that sounds ambitious?

“Yeah and time consuming. I recently found the company that makes Harrison Ford’s barware in the Blade Runner movie, do you know the glass I mean? No? Well he uses several different sizes all in the same distinctive pattern: shot glass, high ball, old fashion. Well them I-talian’s sure think a lot about their stuff cause they aint cheap. I thought I’d register it as my pattern when I get married one day to Harrison Ford in the Blade Runner movie.”

So you want to marry the Harrison Ford character that was in the movie Blade Runner?

“Definitely. I want to be Rachael the robot. You know the one I mean? No? I want to be her. Well Sean Young plays Rachael the robot in the Blade Runner movie. She has these outfits that look like they’re from the 40's and she has a Joan Crawford hair-do. You know the kind all wound up on her head, with lots of pins to hold it together. Sean Young in the Blade Runner movie playin’ a robot sits down at the piano covered in pictures and, she looks like a Hallmark card, then casually undoes her hair and lets it down into soft pins in sight.”

You wanted to be the robot? Instead of being the Harrison Ford character in the movie Blade Runner?

“Yeah she had better wardrobe and hair-do’s. Oh and she didn’ have a built in life span. She could live forever with Harrison Ford in the Blade Runner movie until he’s old and dead while she remains young, beautiful, mysterious and dangerous.”


  1. Even considering how massive Internetism is, this is probably the only blog that will ever have Roller Boogie and Blade Runner in the same post. That's why we love you.

  2. Tis true what you speak of internetism. After I make the Rollar Blade Boogie Runner movie, I'll conduct another interview with myself about that one.

  3. This post is being sent to my friend Carlos who might just have an aneurysm at the thought of Linda Blair's Roller Boogie anything.