It's Art:

Down yonder at the bay a couple weekends ago there was an art festival. It was so so...nothing...nothing I would buy and nothing I would hang in my house. The real fun was had in the children’s section where first prize for the juried sixth grade art submissions was this incredible rendering of Wonder Woman.

The piece of resistance simply had to go to the antique children’s port-o-potties. Refrain yourselves, try to resist them as I am quite certain they are filled with polio, smallpox, measles and mumps. I wanted to buy them but I couldn’t find a price was an amazing installation.

An impromptu performance by none other than Hannah Montana stole the stage. So being the good perv that I am at a children’s function I pulled out camera...and started flashing away.

“And now ladies and gentlemen please welcome back to the stage for the very first time, the song stylings of Ms. Hannah Montana.”


  1. That looks like Mr. Hannah Montana to me.

  2. My favorite part is the lady walking off at the end shaking her head.

  3. Looks like Hannah's taken a little detour to Pepperidge Farm. And the wig store. And look at the little gay boy in the striped shirt wanting to join in. Warms the heart.

  4. Hey Mister! Lady Bunny called...she wants her wig back.